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Discover the power of Python programming and open up a world of endless possibilities! Enroll in our Python Training in Lahore and unleash your coding potential. From beginner-friendly fundamentals to advanced concepts, our expert instructors will guide you through hands-on projects and real-world applications.

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Experience classroom learning with our physical classes, featuring face-to-face interactions, a structured schedule, and hands-on activities for best educational experience.


Our online platform offers an immersive learning environment, designed to fit your busy schedule, with expert instructors and a wide range of courses.


With recorded lectures, students can enhance their understanding of the subject matter by accessing course materials anytime, anywhere catching up on missed classes.

Morning and Evening

Full Stack Python

Mentorship + Internship

Software Problem

  • What is the Problem?
  • What is Software?
  • Types of Software.
  • How do they brainstorm regarding their problem?
  •  How to Divide the Problem by Using Professional Techniques?
  • How does Programming Language Help us to solve complex Problems?
  • Introduction To Computer Problem-Solving Technique
  • How does a Computer Solve your Problems?

Problem-Solving Method

  • Introduction to Problem-Solving Skills
  • Problem Solving Method
  • Preliminary Investigation
  • Analysis
  • Algorithm Design
  • Software Coding
  • Software Testing
  • Software Implementation
  • Software Maintenance

Design & Algorithm

  • Represent the Algorithm in Paper and Computer Tools
  • Design the Software Algorithm
  • What is IDE?
  • How to Write Instructions on a Computer Machine?
  • How to Design your software


  • Operation and Expressions
  • Increment/Decrement
  • Programming Comments
  • Sample Programs
  • Assignment Project
  • Class Activities

Decision Statement

  • Why do we use Decision Statements?
  • When we need these types of Statements
  • If Statement
  • If else Statement
  • If-else if Statement
  • Class Programming Activities
  • Assignment Project

Repeat Statements

  • Why do we use repetition statements?
  • When we need these types of Statements
  • Loop Statements
  • Types of Loops
  • While loop
  • For Loop
  • Class Activity
  • Assignment Project


  • Python Lists
  • Accessing Values in Lists
  • Update Lists
  • Delete Lists
  • Basic List of Operations
  • List Functions
  • Assignment Project

Introduction to Semantic Tags (HTML)

  • Blocks in HTML.
  • Frames in HTML.
    Cascading Style Sheets


  • Python Tuples
  • Accessing Values in Tuples
  • Update Tuples
  • Delete Tuples
  • Basic Tuples Operations
  • Tuples Functions
  • Assignment Project


  • Python Dictionary
  • Accessing Values in the Dictionary
  • Update Dictionary
  • Delete Dictionary
  • Basic Dictionary Operations
  • Dictionary Functions
  • Assignment Project


  • Python Modules
  • Import Statements
  • Import from Statements
  • Assignment Project


  • What are Functions?
  • What is the built-in and user-defined Function?
  • Function Declaration
  • Function Initialization
  • Function Calling
  • Pass by Value and Reference
  • Function Reusability
  • Function Recursions


  • What is String?
  • How to use the String in the program?
  • String Algorithm
  • String Concatenation
  • String Operations
  • Class Activity
  • Assignment Project

Object-Oriented Programming In Python

  • Introduction to OOP
  • What are Classes
  • Object and instance
  • Class Attributes
  • Instance Attribute
  • OOP Principles Model
  • Constructor and Its types
  • Inheritance and its types

Python web Technologies (Second Module)


  • Basic principles involved in developing a website.
  • Why create a website, Introduction to HTML Section &
    Home page Layout Selection.
  • What are HTML & HTML Tags.
  • Working with HTML Elements & Tags.
  • Working with Text, Lists, Tables, Hyperlinks, Images, and Marquee.
  • Working with forms & Controls.
  • What is multimedia?
  • Working with Audio on Web.
  • Working with Video on the web.

Introduction to semantic Tags (HTML)

  • Blocks in HTML.
  • Frames in HTML.

Cascading Style Sheets

  • Introduction To CSS 3 Section.
  • What is CSS?, Inn Line CSS, External CSS, and how to use it.
  • Working with the Classes & IDs.
  • Working with Divs.
  • Working with Colors, Floating, Positioning, Margins Padding, Other CSS Properties & CSS Styling (Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts).
  • Working with Lists & Tables By Using Class IDs.
  • Formatting Using Style Sheets.
  • Structure of Multiple Navigation bars.
  • Working with Animations.


  • What is Javascript?
  • Different Techniques to apply javascript.
  • Calculation & Validations in Javascript.
  • Working with DOM(Document Object Model).
  • Working with Objects in Javascript.


  • What is Jquery?, How to control HTML With Jquery.
  • Working with internal Jquery, External Jquery.
  • Accessing HTML Elements With Jquery.
  • Responding to different events with HTML Tags.
  • Changing Website Contents.
  • Manipulating Styles with Jquery.


  • What is Bootstrap.
  • Methods To apply Bootstrap.
  • What is Grid System.
  • Working with Bootstrap Classes.
  • How To Make Web Site fully Responsive Using Bootstrap.

Python Ecommerece app Designs

Python Databases

  • Introduction To MYSQL/SQLite
  • MYSQL on Windows &Linux & SQLite.
  • Using SQLite.
  • Implementing SQL Queries Using SQLite
  • Implementing SQL Queries Using SQLite
  • Querying Multiple Tables, Using Joins, Union & Sub Query.
  • Using Basic Functions In SQLite.
  • Controlling And Managing MYSQLi Database.

Python web Framework & Frontend


  • Django Basics
  • Django Environment
  • Django creating a project
  • Django App Architecture
  • Django App Life Cycle
  • Django URL settings
  • Django form Template
  • Django Admin Template
  • Django Model
  • Django View
  • Django Template
  • Django Forms
  • Django Urls
  • Django Database environment
  • Django Migrations
  • Django Query Builder
  • Django ORM
  • Django Sending Emails
  • Django Rest APIs
  • Django sessions
  • Django cookies
  • Django Media Uploading

React Framework With Python

  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Javascript Elements
  • Core Function of Javascript

React Js Library

  • Introduction to Reactjs Library
  • Introduction to Reactjs js
  • Rendering Elements
  • Components and props
  • State and lifecycle
  • Handling events
  • Conditional rendering
  • List and keys
  • Forms
  • Lifting state up
  • Hooks in React
  • Connecting APIs with Python
  • E-commerce Web In React js

Python Backend

  • Python Programming Development
  • Introduction To Computer
  • Programming Language.
  • Programming Flow Controls.
  • Sequence Programming
  • Introduction to the Core python language
  • Variables
  • Data types
  • String
  • Numbers
  • Decision Statements
  • Tuples
  • Loop
  • Lists
  • Set
  • Functions
  • Python Role in Web Development
  • Python Django Web Application Architecture
  • Python Django Model Structure
  • Python Django View Structure
  • Python Django Template Structure
  • Python Django With SQLite Database
  • Data Insert operation with Database
  • Data Retrieve operation with Database
  • Data Update operation with Database
  • Data Delete operation with Database
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Python Django API’s
  • Python Django E-Commerce Api’s
  • Complete E-commerce APIs

Recommendation Libraries

  • Product Recommendation System
  • Ads Recommendation System
  • Customer Prediction System In departmental Stores
  • Music Factory