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Game Development  Training in Lahore

Game Development Training

in Lahore Pakistan |Ideoversity

Game Development Training in Lahore from Ideoversity. Learn Game Development online with courses like Game Design and Development

Game Development Course in Lahore


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Morning and Evening

Game Development

Mentorship + Internship

Introduction Of Best Game Development Training In Lahore

  • Introduction to the game development life-cycle, the game loop, and a brief history of how games have been developed. Basic components of a game Sprites, animations, coordinate systems, and handling input for 2D games. Introduction to Unity. Introduction to game physics
  • Introduction to 3D game systems and coordinates. Objects and their transformations that is rotation, scaling, translation, and combinations. 3D and 2D vectors and their use. Scenes and cameras, perspective, and different types of games with respect to angles. Running games, birds’ eye view games, racing games, and more.
  • Object Collusion, Environments and Drawing the World, Particle Systems. Developing the first full game, making the game run on PC and mobile phones.
  • Handling lights, particle systems, fire, smoke, water, and more. Using Terrains, mountains, and landscapes, placing objects like trees, and stones and texturing them to create custom worlds.
  • Acquiring assets from online sources, websites, unity store, and more. Importing such assets into the unity project and making a sample game.
  • Introduction to game physics, velocity, acceleration, collusion, momentum and how Unity handles it, and how can we use game engines to make stunning effects in games. Materials, bounciness, elasticity, chains, ropes, and hinges, etc.
  • Game optimization and making sure it runs on the target platform. Ways to improve game efficiency without sacrificing a lot of quality.
  • Publishing games on different stores. Monetization models for games.  Using advertisements, in-app purchases, and more
  • Building humanoids for 3d games, 2-legged character design, texturing, optimization, and rigging.
  • Creating animations and using the humanoids in 3D/ 2D games

          Course Outcomes of Best Game Development Training in Lahore Pakistan

          • Students will be able to understand the concept of a Game Engine.
          • Demonstrate knowledge of the Unity Game Engine interface.
          • Demonstrate knowledge of the Integrated Development Environment (of programming.
          • Demonstrate knowledge of the various interface components of (IDE) in Unity.
          • Use the programming structure learned in Visual Basic language as a basis for learning JavaScript and C# scripting language to manage, manipulate, and animate the game objects in Unity.
          • Understand and apply Object-Oriented Programming techniques in C Sharp.
          • Demonstrate the creation and use of their object classes.
          • Debug simple games and activities that demonstrate the programming skills learned.
          • Design and write a simple game – from idea to player execution.
          • How to use 3D & 2D pipelines to create from start to finish 3d assets, from Maya to game engine.

            Course Outline

            Module 01 – Introduction

            • Introduction to Unity 3D
            • Unity Editor
            • Project Architectures
            • Manipulating Objects

            Module 02 – Graphic Module

            • Graphics
            • Meshes and Textures
            • Materials, Shades
            • Cameras and Lights
            • Skybox

            Module 03 – Scripting

            • Mono behavior
            • Scripts as Behavior Components
            • Awake and Start
            • update/, Fixed Update/, Late Update
            • Activating Game Objects
            • Affine transformations
            • .translate, .rotate. .scale
            • Look At, Time, Enumerations, Lists and Dictionaries, Coroutines, Delegates

            Module 04 – Building

            • Platform Specific Approach
            • Importing Assets
            • Building for Android and iOS

            Module 05 – 2D development

            • sprite rendering
            • 2d physics
            • rigid body 2d
            • collisions 2d

            Module 06 – 3d development

            • Collisions
            • Triggers, Rigid body
            • Force, Torque, Physics Material
            • Ray casts

            Module 07 – UI

            • On GUI, NGUI
            • Touch inputs
            • Finger gestures

            Module 08 – Light and Render

            • Light and Shadow, Realtime Lighting
            • Sub menu, Light Mapping
            • Static Batching,  Dynamic Batching
            • Creating a Ragdoll, Particle System
            • Trail Renderer

            Module 09 Controller and Culling 

            • Character Controller
            • Nav Mesh, Occlusion culling

            Final Project – Develop your 1st  Game 

            • Real Live Game
            • Updates
            • Solutions

              1. Introduction and Environment Setting

              1.1 Unity Interface, Essential Concepts, 2D Space and 3D Space.
              1.2 Setting Camera & Lighting.
              1.3 Assignment 

              2. Scripting and Coding

              2.1 Scripts as Behaviour Components, Variables and Functions, Syntax, C# vs. JS, If Statements, Loops, Scope and Access Modifiers, Awake and Start, Update and Fixed Update, Vector Maths, Enabling and Disabling Components, Activating Game Objects & Translate and Rotate.

              The main clue to our success is our Project-based training programs at Ideoversity Lahore  / Islamabad / Rawalpindi / Karachi and other cities.

              3. Scripting and Coding2

              3.1 Linear Interpolation, Destroy, Get Button Get Key, and Get Axis.
              3.2 OnMouseDown, Get Component, Delta Time & Data Types.
              3.3 Classes, Instantiate, Arrays, Invoke, Enumerations & Switch Statements.
              3.4 Assignment2.

              4. What is the User Interface?

              Text, Button (On click & Events), Image, Slider & Assignment 3.

              5. Player Preference and Sounds

              5.1 Store Game Data in Local Mobile Storage.
              5.2 Handling Sounds in the Game.

              6. Physics

              6.1 Colliders & Triggers.
              6.2 Collisions.
              6.3 Rigid Bodies & Joints.
              6.4 Materials.
              6.5 Ray casting.
              6.6 Assignment.

              7. Animation

              7.1 Animation View
              7.2 Properties.
              7.3 Curves and Events.
              7.4 Asset A Pl.
              7.5 Animator.

              8. Roll a Ball Game

              8.1 Concept.
              8.2 Environment.
              8.3 Player.
              8.4 Camera.
              8.5 Play Area.
              8.6 Pickups.
              8.7 Displaying.

              9. Android Development

              9.1 Build the Game for Android Devices.
              9.2 Assignment.

              10. Action Kit 1-2


              11. Action Kit 2-2. Project Finalizing

              12. Vehicle Kit

              13. Intermediate Coding Ads Integration

              14. Project Problem Discussion

              15. Project Submission

              Freelancing Course

              • Introduction to Freelancing
              • Difference between job and freelancing
              • Benefits of Freelancing
              • Lifestyle of a Freelancer
              • Challenges of Freelancing
              • Future of freelancing

              How to Start Freelancing

              • How to Identify Your Master Skill
              • 10 tips for picking your area of work
              • How to find most trending freelancing projects or services
              • How to find a platform to start
              • Why start freelancing with fiverr.com
              • Why start freelancing with upwork.com
              • Why start freelancing with 99design.com
              • Why start freelancing with freelancer.com
              • What are the payment methods available in Pakistan

              Using Fiverr as a freelancing platform

              • Introduction to Fiverr
              • How Fiverr works for freelancers (sellers)
              • How Fiverr works for clients (buyers)
              • Types of skills that are most demanded
              • How to find your niche for Fiverr?
              • The Advantages & Disadvantages of Fiverr

              Profile Creation and Management

              • How to make an outstanding profile on Fiverr
              • How to write a bio
              • How to research competition
              • Which skill do you need to add on profile
              • Adding your education
              • Adding your experience and projects in a professional way
              • Connecting Fiver to other social media platforms for more reach
              • How to set up a payment method
              • What are the options available for payment in Pakistan
              • How to get more views on your gigs
              • Using a mobile application to maintain your response rate

              Creating your Winning Gig

              • Why people should buy it
              • Planning for value to a client
              • Create a gig on Fiverr
              • How to write the title that attracts the audience
              • How to design thumbnail for Fiverr (Canva)
              • Writing description and details of your gig
              • How to add value-added services

              Getting clients (A Lot of Them)

              • How to get reviews of your clients
              • How to Get Promoted to a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr
              • Fiverr Rank System
              • Fiverr Platform Rules
              • Payment system
              • How to maintain your rating
              • How to communicate professionally on Fiverr

              Final tips 

              • How to manage time
              • How to keep a balance between freelancing work and normal life
              • Understanding the tax models for freelancers